Lisa Comics
 was a one-shot, with the sole story being Lisa in Wordland, a parody of Alice in Wonderland. It was released in April 1995 and tells the tale of Lisa Simpson getting caught in an alternate reality called Wordland while chasing after a postman. The postman turns out to be Ned Flanders  and while he gives her a tour through the wondrous world they get caught by Mr. Burns. Burns forces Lisa to battle him in a game of Scrabble; she accepts and after a while she gets upset and smashes the board. Suddenly she wakes up and discovers it's all a dream.

Issue 1 SynopsisEdit

One poetry-slinging mailman, two palindrome-pummeling twins, sixty-five crossword-crunching questions, and a mischievous house cat are merely four of the uncountable and indefatigably extraordinary elements in Lisa Simpson's curiouser and curiouser comic debut!